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Some Generous Organizations
Sharing the PHRA Vision

The Philippine HR Assembly serves as the voice of the HR profession, leading the recognition, advancement, and influence of HR professionals through a spirit of inter-industry collaboration.

The HR profession has always been at the forefront of organizations and now more than ever, and is relied upon to lead organizations through these unprecedented times. Our vision is to continuously empower the HR profession by producing live interactive learning that is free-for-all for attend and learn.

We make this possible through the generosity of our sponsors sharing this very same vision.









Highlights of the Recent PHRA

✅ Partner with PHRA

Brand Visibility
+ Networking Opportunity

· 620,000+ Facebook reach
· 51,000+ LinkedIn reach
· 20,000+ SMS and Viber reach
· 2,000+ Daily Website Visitors
· Infinite Mileage through Media Partners

Reach target market and networks extending up to business owners, decision-makers, corporate, youth leaders, academe, socio-civic sectors, and even international institutions through our rolling online platforms helping your brand outstretch to wider audiences.

Mileage Includes

  •   Logo visibility on invitations, website, videos, promotional materials for massive circulation

  •   Acknowledgement on all social media platforms, pages, groups, and through participating industry partners

  •   Acknowledgement through media-partners marketing online platforms with hundreds of thousands of reach

  •   Acknowledgement in the voice-over bumper plugs and displaying promotional materials during the event days

  •   Jingle playback before and during the event days and 5-minute promotional talk/air time to discuss products/services

  •   Certificate of participation and documentation

  •   And more 

Some Generous Organizations
Sharing the PHRA Vision

Let's Collaborate!

We believe that your values align with ours and we are excited to collaborate with you as we continually transform the business standard and challenges of today’s workforce. We are more than happy to accommodate your requests and tailor the sponsorship package according to your requirements.

By sponsoring, you will greatly contribute to our advocacy and commitment. Please feel free to contact us at any time.

We are here: sponsorships@philhrassembly.com